The Cambodia Constructors Association (CCA) was established under the initiation by the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction through an assembly. There are more than 300 members attended in the event of which are mostly the construction and designing companies and construction materials and tools suppliers.

This assembly was hosted on October 6th 2011 at the Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center presided over by H.E. Im Chhun Lim, Senior Minister, Minister of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction.

In that time, the assembly voted to set up the association statute and select Neak Oknha Pung Kheav Se to be the Association Chairman, Lok Oknha Ly  Chhuong, Vice-Chairman, Lok Oknha Hann Khieng, Vice-Chairman, Neak Oknha Mong Reththy, Secretary-General, Lok Oknha Seng Chhay Hour, Deputy Secretary-General, Neak Oknha Khun Sea, Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Charles Van, Treasurer-General and 4 others association executive member  are: Lok Oknha Khaou Chuly, Mr. Ik Sung Ahn ( Korean ), Mr. Sun Sok Kheang, Mr. Denis Astgen ( France ).

CCA was registered to the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia on November 16th, 2011 and registered to the ASEAN Constructors Association (ACF) on December 6th 2011 at Barangay city, Philippines that ASEAN Constructors Association (ACF) has 6 countries such as Indonesian Contractors Association (ICA), Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM), The Philippine Constructors Association, Inc (PCA) ,The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) ,Thai Contractors Association (TCA),Vietnam’s Association of Construction Contractors (VACC). Cambodia Constructors Association is the non-government association, neutral, not-for-profit, and complies with the law of Cambodia, and it is the construction body that serves the construction sector and constructors, the only official association that has been recognized by and registered with the involved institutions.


The visions of the Cambodia Constructors Association (C.C.A) are:

  1. Transform the national construction industry into an industry of confidence, productivity, accountability and competitiveness both in domestic and international markets;
  2. Enable all members of the Cambodia Constructors Association to become the constructors of high standards and international rankings;
  3. Provide the Cambodia Constructors Association with the role as an organization which helps coordinate the relations between the Royal Government and the private construction sector in the interests of the construction industry.


The Cambodia Constructors Association (C.C.A) has the following missions:

  1. Initiate the establishment of the ethics for constructors;
  2. Establish partnership and promote cooperation among constructors;
  3. Encourage and support capacity building for association members;
  4. Strive to protect association members;
  5. Promote advancement within the construction industry.


The Cambodia Constructors Association (C.C.A) has the following objectives:

  1. Implement the policies of the Royal Government as a contribution to the national development with the local, ASEAN and international partner construction companies;
  2. Join other ASEAN constructors federations and international constructors associations, and seek supports related to construction and the development of the construction sector;
  3. Promote good cooperation and mutual respect in the profession, and encourage harmonious relations among corporations operating as construction developers;
  4. Foster close cooperation among domestic construction companies, and especially with ASEAN construction companies and other international constructors associations;
  5. Organize, support and participate in education or training programs related to construction, development of architecture,  engineering, urban planning and other commercial sectors;
  6. Stimulate exchange of information related to various international constructors associations and the development of the construction sector;
  7. Protect the legal interests of the association members, especially in the process of negotiation or discussion with the ministries and institutions of the state, the engineers association, architects association, surveyors association and/or other specialized associations on the topics related to the financial policies, provisions, technical standards, procedure or process of registration related to construction and the development of the construction sector;
  8. Act as an representative in the committees of the board of directors established by the Royal Government or the non-governmental organizations related to such issues as construction and the development of architecture;
  9. Publish, disseminate and distribute various documents and newsletters related to the association and/or related to construction and the development of the construction sector;
  10. Authorize the president and the secretary-general of the association to represent the association in public and communicate with the press on all matters related to the association;
  11. Award scholarship to any individuals who are well-qualified, using the association funds.

Extra Information (i.e. the activities) (only if applicable)


  1. Purchase, construction or lease a property or location for setting up the head office of the association, and recruit or hire employees to serve the association;
  2. Manage, improve, develop and use the property or employees, lease, donate, put up as collateral, or hypothecate the property of the association in the interests of the association;
  3. Accept donations offered to the association by one or more members of the association or any other individuals;
  4. Execute or fulfil other functions such as any construction that serves the interests of the association;
  5. Provide material support or other forms of support to the association member to the extent determined by the executive committee  of the association;
  6. Offer awards, allowances and scholarships to any individuals who are well-qualified, using the association funds;
  7. Support the association members according to their requests related to any negotiation or communication with the third party on the topics of construction, development and architectural work;
  8. Organize workshops or training courses with the technical support of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban planning and Construction or from any other institutions for members, employees, workers, and technical personnel related to construction and the development of the construction sector;
  9. Cooperate with ASEAN countries and other countries internationally.


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