Foundation and Objectives

The Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association was founded since 1996 and became a civil society social association under order No (1803) dated of the (20-8-1998) of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

It  was first established with (150) members and at present there are (2000) Over members  

The office of the Association during the time of its establishment in 7 November 1996 was 216/222 Bo Myat Tun Housing Estate, Bo Myat Tun Road, Pazundaung Township. 

On 2002, February 10,  the new office was opened at No. 3-A,Than-Thumar Road & Corner of Wayzayantar Road, Thingangyun Township, Thuwunna, Yangon.

The Objective of this Association is the fulfillment of the Nation's Aspirations, and the people's requirement with the initiatives undertaken by the private sector in the development of the economic and social sectors of Myanmar. 


As the private sector bears an important duty to structure and build itself up in an appropriate manner and be an important integral part of the national economic and social progress and elevate the integrity of the Union of Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs association lays the following objectives to achieve the afore- said results. All members how to act in coordination and harmony with other co-members, state organizations, state authorized organizations, trade organizations, service providers, professionals and all other relevant parties.

The main objectives of the MCEA are as mentioned below;                            

  1.  To construct standardized, properly designed, long lasting, and safe structures, mills, factories and public dwellings which are really necessary for harmonic development of the construction sector of Myanmar.                            
  2.  To have good connections and dealings with local and international entrepreneurs, organizations, organizers, experts, professionals, construction material producers and providers, traders and brokers and bring the construction sector to be in level with international standards.                            
  3.  To provide more job opportunities for the general public by extension and uplift of the construction sector.                            
  4.  To organize for harmonic development and equitable sharing of all advancements of know-how, techniques, knowledge and financial profits.

Work Programs

To fulfill the above mentioned objectives the MCEA will be carried out the following work programs;

  1. to collaborate in action for the welfare of general public, with others who hold equal or similar aims and objectives.
  2. to mediate with government authoritative organizations to help private construction entrepreneurs for easier approaches for better advancement and development.
  3. to prepare and make public a code of professional ethics, and a scheme of construction entrepreneurs duties and responsibilites.
  4. to seek for contacts of highly developed sincere and helpful local and international construction entrepreneurs and link them with matching local partners.
  5. to collect the latest up to date international advancements in technology and know-how and disseminate them locally.
  6. to breed professionals among young blood interested in construction trades.
  7. to send scholars abroad to learn advanced modern construction based trades.
  8. to lay effort for equity in payments of all professionals, services and service personal of all sectors in construction.
  9. to bring understanding and amicable team-work of partnership among all levels of professionals and professional services like, for soil-testing, digging, land surveys, architecture, pile loading, pile testing, heavy equipment hire, structural designing and etc.
  10. to form branch associations for easy and proper implementation of construction activity of the MCEA throughout the nation.
  11. to form an Arbitration Committee for resolving any issues arising among or with the members of MCEA and educate and organize the members to utilize the service and abide by their judgments.
  12. to agitate, educate, organize and check that all construction sites abide by the safety regulations prescribed for the purpose.
  13. to organize and publish magazines, journals, pamphlets, broachers, booklets and periodicals for information, education and awareness among the members as well as for public propaganda.
  14. to establish a Construction Entrepreneurs Bank under the MECA.
  15. to establish branch offices in all States and Divisions of the Nation, to keep in touch and take moves easily wherever and whenever required.


MCEA's mission is to be the collective voice for the Myanmar  construction  industry.

Our mandate is to expand business opportunities for all members, through  promotion  of  the construction sector.